Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baltic cruise June 2012

Arrived in Oxelosund on Thursday 14 June. We have travelled by ferry and car from Harwich to Esjberg and then across Denmark to Sweden via the great belt and Oresund bridges. Quite a good journey and it great to have a car with us. The boat was a bit musty inside when we arrived and it is always problematic living on board ashore. We are now launched and all is well with sails deployed and engine puring with its fine new diesel tank and gin clear fuel. Only problem so far is that our hot dewater tank burst so a new one is on order. There is not much action as this weekend is the bid midsummer holiday. We hope to have it by Wednesday. On Friday we used the car to go bird watching as a rest from fitting out duties. Not a great deal o be seen in the nearby countryside but we did spot an Osprey nest with a pair seemingly rearing young. This we felt was a bit of a result. So a pleasing day.

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